In 1968 Ewell Meche was recovering from an oil field injury so he decided to help his wife with her newspaper delivery. On his newspaper route he would deliver papers to a donut shop on Johnston St. Called Veon’s Donuts. The owner at the time, Elton Fontenot, was looking for a manager to run his donut shops. Ewell and his wife decided that they would take on the task of managing the shops while still delivering newspapers. After two years of managing the donut shops, Mr. Fontenot asked Mr. And Mrs. Meche if they would be interested in buying the 3 donut shops he owned in Lafayette. The reason he wanted to sell the 3 donut shops is still unknown but the Meches jumped at the chance to buy them, and Veon’s Donuts became Meche’s Donut King. Mrs. Meche had a persistent drive for quality and service so it didn’t take long for Meche’s Donut King to become popular in Lafayette. Mr. And Mrs. Meche have passed on but Rickey, the oldest of their 3 children, still thrives to serve the public with hot fresh donuts and good service.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide world class customer service to our customers and serving the best quality donuts, kolaches and king cakes.